Adult - Beginner 3 & Intermediate 1 - Lake Middle - Spring

This class is for the adult that can do the following skills and is ready to move onto more advanced skills.  To enroll in this class you are comfortable swimming front crawl, back crawl, and swimming underwater,  you can easily hold your breath and exhale underwater.  You can jump into water over your head and return to the wall or swim the width of the pool, You can float with face in the water for 5 seconds and back float for 15 seconds.  You can also do a modified Elementary Backstroke with a flutter kick,  In this class you build endurance and swim a longer distance, continue to learn to breath from the side, treading water, swimming in water over your head. learning the Elementary Backstroke, the whip kick, the scissors kick.  Intermediate level covers backstroke, front crawl, and sidestroke. Registration ends online 72 hours in advance. Thereafter a late fee of $5.00 is added to the registration fee.  Practice sessions for this class is restricted to the deep end of the pool.

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Lake Middle School : Pool
Tuesdays, Mar 19 - May 14
6:55 - 7:55 PM

  No Class Mar 26 & May 7


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