Code Championship 12U Bootcamp

Code is Sport. Just like gymnastics, dance, or basketball, competitive coding pushes us to be great. Build a computer bot to play head-to-head against other coders! Students will be broken into sections based on age for competitive and fair play. This camp is for those 12 and under. Whether this is your first time at a Code Championship event, or if you're preparing for the Minnesota Code Championship, this week long bootcamp is the perfect way to explore the competitive coding world of Code Championship. No previous coding experience necessary. Please come knowing how to navigate the internet (basic typing and mouse control) and a passion to work hard and have fun! You can even bring your own computer mouse if you want!

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East Ridge High School : 2041 - Computer Lab
Mon Jul 22 - Thu Jul 25
1:00 - 4:00 PM


Grades   3rd - 6th

Price: $ 120 00

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