Adult - Beginner 2 - Woodbury High - Summer

This class is for the adult that can do the following skills :  You can jump into shallow water with or without assistance,  let bubbles out through your mouth while underwater, submerge your head under water multiple times. Independently do a front float with face in the water, back float for 5 seconds, front glide with face in water, back glide, flutter kick on back, flutter kick on front, fining arm action with flutter kick on back for 8 seconds.  Front crawl with face in water using breath control for 8 seconds.  Do not sign up for this class if you are a Beginner 1 student and that class is full.  In this class you will work on your breathing for the front crawl, back stroke, and elementary back stroke arms. You will also jump or step into deeper water, breath holding for 5-10 seconds, swim underwater, retrieve a submerged object, roll from your front to your back and back to front, front and back floats for longer periods of time.  Front and back glides for longer distances.  If less than 4 students enroll this class will be reduced in time to 25 minutes.

If the Beginner 1 class is full and you are a Beginner 1 student, do not sign up for this class, instead register for the next available session of Beginner 1.  

Registration is due 1 week in advance of class start. Thereafter a late fee of $5.00 is added to the registration fee.

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Woodbury High School : Pool WHS
Thursdays, Jun 13 - Aug 8
8:00 - 8:40 PM

  No Class Jul 4


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late fee added

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