Activity Center Membership 2019-20

Activity Centers are located at Park High School and Woodbury High School. Activities offered to the public include basketball, volleyball, badminton, and an indoor track.   See and click on Community Tab and then click on Activity Centers for a current list of scheduled activities and times.  We also offer basketball and hallway walking on Saturday and Sunday at Cottage Grove Middle School and Lake Middle School.  Schedules and court sports are subject to change due to school events, conferences, and elections.  The Activity Centers also will relocate to Cottage Grove Middle School and Lake Middle School weekday evenings for 4 weeks in the Spring to accommodate high school athletics.  District 833 staff with current and valid staff ID enter for FREE.  Questions, call Darbie Johnson at 651-425-6611

AC501 Second Half Season Student

Price: $ 32 00
AC502 Second Half Season Adult

Price: $ 58 00
AC503 Second Half Season Senior

Price: $ 48 00
AC504 Second Half #833 Senior Ctr Member

$ 37.00
You must also be a member of SR2020
AC506 Second Half Season Family Membership

Price: $ 121 00
AC507 Second Half Track ONLY

Price: $ 37 00