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Science Explorer's STEM Kit 1 States of Matter/Electrical/Aerospace

Youth Classes and Activities / STEM -
Summer 2022
  • Have fun with three STEM topics...chemistry, aerospace and electricity. First, your budding scientist with explore the three most common States of Matter in our environment: a solid, liquid and a gas. Next, discover the four forces that allow planes and rockets to fly: thrust, drag, weight and lift as you experiment with these forces with fun, hands-on experiments and activities while using a paratrooper to investigate drag, a disk launcher to explore lift and more. Then, you will build and test an electromagnet and learn how the electromagnetic field was first discovered.
  • Recommended Ages:
    Experimenting with an adult ages 8+.
    Experimenting under adult supervision, ages 12+.

  Stacy Spitzack

Price: $ 39 00