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Therapeutic Yoga for Releasing Stress

Adult Classes and Activities / Fitness -
Fall 2022

Yoga is increasingly being used in a variety of settings as an integrative approach to wellness. In yoga, the use of breath and mindful movements helps our nervous system release stress, strengthens our body, quiets the mind, and has a diverse range of health benefits. Join us to strengthen your body, rebalance your nervous system, and experience deep relaxation and the power of breath. Class includes a mind/body theme, an easy warm up and a more challenging physical asana flow practice. We end class with a final relaxation that may include sound healing and optional use of affirmations, essential oils and meditation strategies to assimilate learning. 

Dr. Tamara Kraft

Dr. TAMARA KRAFT has her PhD in Somatic Psychology and specializes in the neurobiology of trauma as well as holistic modalities to restore overall health to individuals. She has worked with children and adults who have histories of complex trauma in multiple settings and has trained therapists, parents, and behavioral health staff within a framework that utilizes dynamic, experiential learning modalities. Dr. Kraft is a holistic mind/body health coach who is committed to compassionately helping individuals understand their body and mind's seemingly confusing, and often painful, symptomatology as clues to further self understanding in order to help unlock their innate healing abilities.

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  Dr. Tamara Kraft

Bailey Elementary : 181-Multi-Purpose Room
Wednesdays, Nov 30 - Dec 21
7:00 - 8:15 PM


Min Age   15 yr.

Price: $ 38 00

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