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  • Astonishing Machines - Young Engineers ROBOTICS & STEM Program

    e2 Young Engineers is a European STEM and Robotics teaching provider which is taught across 50+ countries. Their programs are recognized by Harvard School of Education, European Union, New York State Schools and various other institutes as leaders in such education. They offer a problem and project-based learning program where students learn about new Robotics + STEM concepts in every class and applies those concepts by building operational machines and robots using their kits. Please visit our website for additional details: In this session, your child will learn about STEM and Programming concepts and will be challenged to build up to four (4) different motorized Robotic and Engineering models using provided building and programming kits. Your child will learn about science of vibration, Pulleys and transmission mechanisms, and Newton’s laws of motions. During the class, your child will build working motorized models of Ground Compactor, robotic Soccer ball launcher, robotic Candy Packaging machine and others