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MS/HS Stock Market, Personal Finance & Business Club

Youth Classes and Activities / STEM -
Winter 2024

Take control of your present and future. Learn how the stock market works by analyzing real time data and trades using a stock market simulator. Create four investment portfolios to compare risk vs return on investment. Understand how an IPO could become the next blue chip company of tomorrow. Track and trade your stocks, mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies to build wealth, not just savings. Use a personal finance simulator to see how improving your education & experience can raise your income, if you can budget your resources and pay your bills! Learn how difficult it is to finance post secondary education while still holding down your simulated job. Finally, if students have interest, they can attempt to build and grow a simulated business. This club is meant to be a full year program, but can be stand alone each session students participate.

YE2714 Closed

  Bill Nara

Live Online
Thursdays, Jan 11 - May 9
6:45 - 7:30 PM

  No Class Mar 7, Mar 28 & Apr 25


Grades   6th - 12th

Price: $ 188 00

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