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Early Childhood Screening
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About Early Childhood Screening
Early Childhood screening is a free and simple check of how your child is growing, developing and learning. Please bring a copy of your child's birth certificate and immunization record to the screening appointment.

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  • Early Childhood Screening

    We have completed screening for the 2023-24 school year. Fall appointments will be available online after July 1, 2024. Please visit the Early Childhood Screening webpage for further information: Join us at Early Childhood Screening as soon as your child turns 3! Screening is recommended at 3 years old and is a free, quick, and simple check of how your child is growing and developing. If your child has not yet been screened and is between the ages of 3 and 5, please schedule an appointment by clicking enroll now on the link below. What if my child has already been screened? If your child has been screened in another district, please send the screening summary one of these ways: Email: Or fax: 651-425-2720 What information is gathered at screening? During screening a trained professional will check: vision and hearing height and weight immunization history large and small muscles thinking, language and communication skills social and emotional development Screening in early childhood supports children's learning and promotes health and development. Screening may link families to free early learning opportunities and resources such as Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), preschool programs, Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE), Early Learning Scholarships, home visiting programs, or other resources. For more information regarding Early Childhood Screening, please visit the Minnesota Department of Education: MDE screening video For additional information or assistance with scheduling an appointment, call our Early Learning office at 651-425-7160 or 651-425-7181 or email If you need an interpreter, please call us at: 651-425-7160 or 651-425-7181 Español: Si usted no entiende la información, por favor llámenos al (651) 425-7209 Hmoob: Yog koj tsis totaub qhov tsab ntawv, thov hu rau vim muaj yam tseem ceem. Ua koj tsaug. 651-425-7160 or 651-425-7181 Ti?ng Vi?t: N?u b?n không hi?u các thông tin, xin vui lòng g?i cho chúng tôi 651-425-7160 or 651-425-7181 Soomaaliga: Haddii aad u baahan tahay turjumaan, fadlan wac 651-425-7160 or 651-425-7181