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Early Childhood Screening
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About Early Childhood Screening
Free screening for development of children ages 3-5. Checks on development of child to detect further needs for improving speech, vision, or developmental specialties.

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  • Screening - Fall 2022

    Early Childhood Screening Appointments Join us at Early Childhood Screening as soon as your child turns 3! This is a FREE and simple check of how your child is growing and developing. What age should my child be screened at? If your child is between the ages of 3 and 5, it is time to schedule his/her Early Childhood Screening to check all areas of development including hearing, vision, speech, and motor abilities. What if my child has already been screened? If a child has been screened and the parent or guardian can provide sufficient documentation that demonstrates that a comparable screening has been completed (even if the screening was completed in another state) that child does not need to be re-screened. A screening is considered comparable to Early Childhood Screening if it meets the Minnesota Early Childhood Screening (ECS) program standards and was completed between the time a child turned three and entered kindergarten, or within 30 days of kindergarten entrance. Please have your previous district send the screening summary one of these ways: Email: Mail: South Washington County Schools Community Education Attn: Early Childhood Screening 8400 East Point Douglas Rd. South. Cottage Grove, MN 55016 Fax: 651-425-2720 What information is gathered at screening? Discover more about your child’s development and learning, such as: Thinking, language, and communication skills Social and emotional development Large and small muscle coordination Height, weight, hearing, and vision Early Childhood screening is one way to support children in their early years of growth and development. It is also a way to identify children who may benefit from early childhood special services before they enter school and connects families with the appropriate resources and programs. For more information regarding Minnesota early childhood screenings, access the following link.. MDE screening video Where is screening held? Screening appointments are held at the District Program Center at 8400 East Point Douglas Rd. South. Cottage Grove, MN 55016. You can also call 651-425-6175 or email for additional information or to make an appointment.