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Intro to the Power of Story

Adult Classes and Activities / Gain Skills -
Spring 2024

Experience storytelling with an enlightening discussion. Build interpersonal skills and deepen authentic connections through learning a process called 'Feeding the Story." Stories range from ancient to modern. Learn how stories carry a powerful influence, and how we can reframe our own stories through conscious intentionality. Participants will gain a powerful communication technique that can bridge cultural differences and strengthen our own awareness of the stories we tell ourselves.

Arthur Crowell

Arthur Crowell is a storyteller that has navigated multiple lifetimes worth of human experience in his 45 years. Through his immersion in ancient tales from many cultures across the world and throughout time, Arthur has developed a course on communication that will help bridge the gap between cultural differences. “I see through the eyes of stories that have been with us as humans from the dawn of civilization. The stories all communicate core themes of understanding and overcoming challenges. Through the sharing of these stories we can begin to strive to also better understand each other and meet each other where we are at on an individual level.” More info at

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  Arthur Crowell

Live Online Streaming Event
Wed Jun 5, Wed Jun 12 & Wed Jun 19
6:00 - 7:30 PM


Min Age   15 yr.

Price: $ 79 00

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